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A Legendary name only given to those worthy enough. He is beloved by all and only at the mere mention of his name it makes girls legs open up. His insanely clever and got skills for anything that comes his way
1) "Hey you have to meet my mate Mandrews, he's bare sick!"
"Yeah I want to get with him already"
2) "Hey did you see that guy make that shot!"
"yeah that guys mandrews"
by m27a9 November 16, 2011
The combination of Matt Asti, MGMT's bassist, and Andrew VanWyngarden, MGMT's lead vocals, in an interview. Mandrew tends to be very cuddly and there are lots of laughs.
Fan 1: Did you see the interview with Matt Asti and Andrew VanWyngarden? It was hilarious!
Fan 2: Mandrew strikes again!
by musiclover:D November 03, 2010
1. The ultimate person (usually male) in terms of academia, style, retorting, and stealing the spotlight. Defined as a person in your social group who exhibits these qualities. Capitalized in this case.

2. A being with no shape, form, or any other limitation. Used as a noun to describe a place or thing. Capitalized in this case. Used as an adjective to describe an action or object which resembles the person or a creation of the person (being "mandrew" described in #1). Not capitalized when used as an adjective, unless at the beginning of a sentence, in which case it would be written as "{m}andrew"

NOTE: Substituted square brackets for curly brackets due to formatting, however, only square brackets should be used to avoid capitalization in the case of "mandrew" appearing at the beginning of a sentence when being used as an adjective (meaning #2)
1. "Hey Mandrew"

2. "That painting is so mandrew",

"{m}andrew is the only way to describe the feeling"
by AWNNP February 18, 2014
The combination of Actor Matt Smith and Actor Andrew Garfield. When they are together they are full of adsorbs and they are pleasing to my eyes. therefore they are the best otp in the universe.
Me: Did you see my new gifset of mandrew.
Polly: yesssss!!!!!1
Me: They would have beautiful babies.
by mandrewshipz July 20, 2012
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