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A guy who gets drunk at a party, and tells really long stories, and says things to embarass his girlfriend.
He's being a total manderson right now.
by K.G. MadMan January 07, 2005
A cave like human who walks with something foreign up his ass and reaks of 2 day old African American sex. His life revolves around what other people think is cool and has rude fantacey's about his mom. He is the closest thing to a black person without being physically black. EATS EVERYTHING AND IS A FAT FUCK. Although he still manages to make the people around him want to be just like him. Oh and his gash hangs like a wizards sleeve.
Matt goes to a buffet and eats the left overs off your plate. All Matt manderson thinks about is food even when he is jacking off.

Matt smells like the inside of a turd
by Naples pap December 02, 2007
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