The replacement of a female tandem partner with a male counterpart in a motorcycle stunt. 2 men 1 bike... Mandem
Guru and Steve Rocked the longes mandem spreader ever!
by Tony Levesque July 10, 2008
it means a group of friends ffs!

all you trolls grrrr :D
me and my mandem are going out to rip it up... lol
by Phatdanny July 08, 2011
Like bruv, mate, friend (informal)
'you ain't mandem'
by divergentgirl March 28, 2015
An expression of mild to medium annoyance or aggravation, usually directed at an animal or inanimate object, often confused with 'mandem'.
"Joe your pizza is burnt"

by future_cat_2 October 24, 2009
This phrase is used by a male or female to refer to their male homies. it can be used as a greeting towards one or more home-boyz, or as a means of refering to your crew, when in the presence of neutral, or un-known company.
see also gyal-dem
1) hey, wassup man-dem(s), u aiight?
2) yeh, my man-dems will hook u up with that shit, trust.
3) dont start flexxin or my man-dems will fuck u up, 4 real!!!
by Adz H January 08, 2006
A large serious bicycle rider that is comparable in weight to that of a two person tandem.
"That rider I was following was a total mandem. Crushing it on the flats but dropped as soon as the road when up."
by HeadCheese October 11, 2013
A saying of Caribbean origin which quite literally translates as "the chaps over there" or "those fellows yonder". The saying has found it's way into British street use mainly due to the influence of gangs and/of rapists in urban areas. Nowadays it has evolved to a greeting or to refer to anyone else of similar mental capacity.
Gregory: "oh my daze man dem, has you bin heerin NDubz new record?"

Terrence: "i know it mandem they fo sho' wont think twice about ending manz life, y ou get me?"

Gregory: "we got no doe bro, lets pretend our position is enviable"

Terrence: "god, we is spaz'"
by raisaRam November 20, 2009

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