A bandana that a man wears.
Look at that hot boy wearing a mandana.
by rowan2 August 28, 2006
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Everlasting is the actual definition.

Once upon a time lived in Persia, a beautiful woman named Mandana. She lived long before the talks of the one thousand and one nights. She lived long before the time of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt. She lived even long before Roxana, the Persian wife of Alexander the Great. Mandana, was a queen. She was the queen mother of Cyrus the Great. She lived as long as 2600 years before our times.

Cyrus was an outstanding Monarch when he became ruler of Persia. He extended the limits of his empire from India and China in the east, to Egypt and Greece in the west. Cyrus was a fair king who loved his subjects. When he conquered Babylon from the Assyrians, he freed the Jews enslaved there and allowed them to return to their land and rebuild their temples to live and work in peace; as the story is told in the Torah.

Cyrus was also a wise ruler who was loved by his subjects. He encouraged them to live at peace with each other, toil together and be tolerant of each other's culture and traditions. Under his rule, the Scythians, the Perse, the Medes the Assyrians, the Egyptians and all other nations, 17 in all, lived at peace and worked and progressed. That is why Cyrus was called Cyrus the Great. A scroll edicted by him told us all that. It is still kept today in Persia as a priceless relic: the Persians believe thus, that Cyrus created the first united nations 2500 years ago.
Mandana of Media (b. c. 584 BCE) was a Princess of Media and, later, the Queen consort of Cambyses I of Anshan and mother of Cyrus the Great, ruler of the Persia's Achaemenid Dynasty.

Legendary mother of Persia.

by FindingMandana July 17, 2008
Wisdom at home, an ancient Persian female name: "man" stands for home and "dana" stands for intellect, sage, wisdom. An Achamenid name meaning the Mother of Cyrus (Perseus), the wise son.
Mandana is the mother of Cyrus, as Maya is the mother Buddha, or Isis is the mother of Horus
by WinterMyrtle February 05, 2010
The bandana like head band that has an elastic bit on the back so you don't have to tie it. Ususally worn by men.
That Mandana is like a Scrunchy for dudes.
by IM1RU September 18, 2010
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