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1.)The greatest Italians on the planet. They make the best food you shall ever eat. Don't mess with them though they got the mafia on their side & they will f*** you up. Mancino women are very sweet and kind, but to only those who are the same to them. They are hard to get, & can be straight b*tches. They are also very attractive & big freaks, they know how to get jiggy wit it. All have eyes that if you stare at pull you in.

2.)Great kissers, loves to bite & be man handled, very aggressive, deffinatly not phony, & you can trust them with anything.

3.)They the f***ing best you ever had.
The Mancinos are amazing italian peoples.

You'll never meet someone as special as a Mancino.

Dang that Mancino is so outta this world.

by llilmzbabygirl July 02, 2009
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A type of species with a long greasy pony tail and is usually seen wearing a back pack.
Man did you see that guy, he was totally mancino!
by dr hup February 20, 2008

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