When a guy can't get to sleep so he jerks off so he can catch some zzz's
Ahhh I couldn't sleep last night so I took 4 minutes of Manbien. Finished up and slept like a baby
by ruins411 August 19, 2009
Top Definition
Term which applies to males:

The act of masturbating shortly before going to sleep in order to obtain a more pleasant deeper sleep without the use of prescription or over the counter sleep aids.
Jon: Dude, I've been having trouble sleeping the last few days.
Joe: Did you try Tylenol PM?
Jon: No. That leaves me groggy in the AM
Joe: What about Manbien? It's perfectly natural and can work in as little as 2 minutes with no side effects.
by BDDFCIN October 26, 2010
A person who is half-man, half-lesbian.
Holy crap, that person looks like a man, but is actually a lesbian. Lo and behold, for it is the manbien!
by Lawrence K. February 04, 2010
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