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The queen of japan (^-^'')
Mana is the one and only queen of Japan.
by sekai October 25, 2003
A Japanese Musician.

The second Bach. He is one of the founders of Malice Mizer and started Moi dix Mois after its hiatus.

Not only a musician, Mana-sama is also a designer. Moi meme Moitie is widely popular for elegant gothic lolita and elgant gothic aristocrat or EGL and EGA terms Mana-sama himself coined.

He is actually highly respected in Japan even though he is known for crossdressing. He even produces other artists under his label Midi:Nette. Schwarz Stein was the first, but certainly not the last.

He is now producing for Kanon Wakeshima, an eighteen year old celloist signed under Sony for her vocal talent. He writes all her music including her debute single, Still Doll.

Mana-sama is known for his mysterious demure. He doesn't speak in public aside from a few rare occasions preferring that "his music speak for him." He doesn't smile either.

Mana-sama has always been slightly non-conforming. In senior high he cut his hair into a mowhawk and died it green. His father was the band director at the time also showing that even young, Mana-sama was emmersed in music.
Check out the Mana sites.



http://www.kanonweb.jp/ (This is Kanon Wakeshima's homepage)
by Keru-hime August 12, 2008
mana is a guitarist who is my idol and a sexy one at that.he was in a visual jrock band malice mizer but since they broke up hes been in moi dix mois!
did you hear manas latest song?
by yoshimi December 11, 2003
manas is a hindi word meaning human; it is also referred to as soul or the insight of human.
manas has been adopted by tulsidas in his book "ram chartira manas".
manas ki kai icchaye hoti hain.
by edward stewart October 27, 2009
Magical energy, used in witchcraft and the Mana series created by Squaresoft.
I think I will play Secret of Mana today.
by Ben L. January 15, 2004
hawaiian term for energy
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
1. A measure of magical energy, the kind used in role-playing games. Also called Wiccan Action.
2. Electrical energy (not power), usually found in a house coming out of a wall, or in a battery. The amount of energy in one mana depends on what role-playing game the person who is using the word is playing.
1. "You only have 4 mana, which is 1 mana short to make Bombur lose 1 pound of dwarven body fat."
1. "It would take 9 mana to resurrect Mordred."
2. Person A:"Do I need to bring extra camcorder batteries?"
Person B:"No, just bring the adapter, they've got mana at the show."
2. "Central air conditioning uses a lot of mana in 98.6 deg F weather when all the windows in the house are open."