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A small, elite group of men from the west coast of Canada. Often likened to a fraternity, this group of well-muscled hunks is more akin to a rock band or a cult. Wealthy, healthily, and all carrying good genes, this exclusive and secretive bunch is often seen at Skybar making out with other guy’s girlfriends.
A member of the ManZone just screwed my girl!

Don’t fuck with him, he’s in the ManZone.

AC is no longer the president of the ManZone
by Jimmy Nail December 17, 2003
the area including the penis, sac, gooch, and surrounding pubic hair on a male body.
That girl hurt my man zone sucking my balls last night.
(Props to Dane for help with contextualizing the definition)
by Miles G M November 06, 2007
The area on a man from just above his bet line to collar bone. The man zone is the area where maximum strength is necessary to complete a lift such as the "power clean".

A second definition of the man-zone. A general phrase that symbolizes testicular fortitude and can be applied to most areas of a man's life.
David could complete his workout because he could not enter the man -zone.

David couldnt close the deal with that hot chick because he wasnt in the Man-Zone.
by Travel Membership October 28, 2010
An area containing men that are so masculine that that area needs to be named.
Man A: "Hey you wanna go to the Manzone?"
Man B: "Yeah let's go, because we are masculine!"
Unmanly Man: "Can I come?"
Men A & B simultaneously: "NO!"
by augman69 December 07, 2010
A group of guys who are so gay, they give themselves a name involving manhood.
"Pre-gaming with the "Mantourage."
"Were ManZone don't fuck with us."
"Yo guys were all real close, and gay, lets call ourselves "ManZone"
by Jane Alenery January 05, 2008
Similar to a Calzone, a Manzone is filled with Man Juice instead of Ricotta cheese.. The Manzone can also feature toppings such as ham or any other topping of cheese.. It could be made extra thick, or light, depending on the persons' preference on the amount of ManJuice used... It's creator is a man by the name of Mr. Sanchez
A Manzone is a delicious alternative to the calzone..

While on break, Eric thought to himself "Man, I could really go for a nice Manzone to have for lunch"..

by Hottt Carlll January 07, 2006
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