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a girl with a nice body, but has a face that looks like Nicholas Cage.
Dude I have manface in my third period class
by Yami December 14, 2003
A woman with a face which resembles that of a man. Usually, this woman is not attractive and has wooden swords in their locker.
Dude, that girl has a manly face. She's a real man face.
by Bob Barker February 14, 2005
A very ugly, and brutal looking female. One that could be closely compared to or might even be a man by her/his facial structure.
"Holy crap, stay away from that thing, she's got some major Man Face going on."
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
A woman who's face resembles that of a man.
Dude, that Brittany that goes to our school has a really manly face. She's a man face.
by Bob Barker February 14, 2005
An unfortunate addiction that Paulie D. has currently. He is unable to distinguish between a hottie and a Man Face...
"Oh jeez, did you see that Girl Paulie D. was with? It was another man face..." ;)
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
an ugly chick that a boy dates but can do better. These chicks are very needed and also feel the need to dress like there boyfriends
Rick: Hey Bob did you see that Man-face that Tosh is dateing

Bob-Sadly yes I did, the worst part is the damn checkered clothes they were wearing.
by E,B,J,L love J February 09, 2011
Pircilla Pooping Paul
Pircilla Paul has a man face, although she claims to not, but yes she is ugly indeed
by Karma's friend Fate March 04, 2005
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