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A soap opera, of Spanish or Latin American origin. Famed for having strange plots, even for soap operas, and some of the worst offenses of overacting ever.
"Fernando, mi amigo! Y Maria, mi mujer! En el cuchi-cuchi! PORQUE, MARIA?!"
"Porque Fernando es muy grande! Y tu eres chiquito!"
by kikanjuuneko January 27, 2005
When drummers and wannabe drummers absolutely cannot stop tapping surfaces or playing drumkits in your practice space, despite the fact that the rest of the band needs to sort something out, you've got a case of Drummer's Syndrome on your hands.
"Goddammit, there he goes again with his Drummer's Syndrome! Stop fucking playing, we need to tune!"
#drummers syndrome #drummer #bands #loud obnoxious motherfuckers #add
by kikanjuuneko December 07, 2005
An important rule of thumb to consider throughout life: when a footballer (that's soccer for Americans) buys a particular object, frequents a particular place or anything like it, it's probably time to move on, lest you become considered tasteless by association.
The Top Gear rule states that ultra-expensive supercars that only footballers can afford are not cool, because footballers are most often tasteless wankers.
#top gear #cars #good taste #lifestyle #rules of thumb
by kikanjuuneko March 09, 2007
A phenomenon in the hardcore, metalcore and emo scenes where band names are dramatic constructions of three words or more. In some cases, the spaces between these words are removed for extra cool points.
There are lots of band names that suffer from Three Word Syndrome: Embrace the End, Killing the Dream, Bleed the Dream, Bleed the Sky, As Cities Burn, As Hope Dies, Beneath the Ashes, Boysetsfire, Skycamefalling, Prayer For Cleansing, November Coming Fire... Okay, I'm done with examples now.
#music #hardcore #metalcore #emo #bands #band names
by kikanjuuneko December 25, 2005
Killing an already dead man to make sure that he is in fact dead. For example, you might snap someone's spine, then just to make sure, you drop the person down an elevator shaft. A staple of Steven Seagal movies.
One of the many innovations of 80s Action is the corpse kill. ... In the case of Tommy Lee Jones, Seagal beats his man, slices him up with a knife, pushes his eyeball back into his brain (Jones is still alive at this point) then drives the knife into the top of Jones' skull, right up to the handle. The corpse then gets thrown headfirst through a monitor and electrocuted. You know those scenes where it looks like the bad guy is dead, but then he gets back up and musters one more cheap shot? You don't see any of those in Seagal flicks.

-Ruthlessreviews.com, on "Under Siege 2"
by kikanjuuneko September 04, 2005
A variation on The Stranger. Involves, in addition to sitting on your hand until it becomes numb, also painting the nails on that hand. You then have a seat in a dark room or closet and use your free hand to shine a flashlight on the hand with the painted nails while you masturbate.
"My girlfriend left me, so I gave myself The Ultimate Stranger. I then proceeded to contemplate the emptiness of my existence and ended up contacting my lawyer and writing my will."
#jerking off #masturbation #the stranger #rubbing one out #making the one-eyed monster cry
by kikanjuuneko February 21, 2008
1. (verb) Smelling your armpits to make sure they don't smell bad.
2. (noun) An instance of pit checking.
1. *sniff* What's that smell? Pit checking time!
2. Man, I just did a pit check, my pits stink!
by kikanjuuneko September 29, 2004
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