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1. A sing-let (short or long-sleeved) made of spandex or nylon worn by a male.

2. A man acting foolishly, disrespectfully, or pig-headed in nature.
1. The male equivalent to a leotard worn by a female. The Man-tard could be worn for wrestling, exercising, or an extremely ecentric outfit.

2. A man walks up to a women in a bar, insists on buying her the cheapest, un-tasty drink possible, initiates conversation about how often he works out while intermittently flexing his peck muscles. After the women is clear about being un-interested he insists on her number and/or heading to his place that night. She gives him the cold shoulder and he proceeds to call her a "bitch", "whore", or other demeaning term. This is an example of a Man-tard.
by T. Midy-Mae December 13, 2009
A variation of dumbass or stupid, usually said to a male.
Example 1:
Pawell: 2+2=3...
Jessi: It's 4, you mantard!!

Example 2:
Cody: Wanna make out?
Blair: Are you a mantard?!
by Kaeldra December 09, 2004
Mantards is a nondescript term most commonly used to describe body parts on a man or woman. It is purposefully non-gendered and non-specific to achieve both ambiguity and frequency of use, thus increasing its mysteriousness and hilarity. When you run out of things to say about someone who is not there to defend him/her self simply engage in a discussion of their mantards. Or, if you wish to aggrandize someone present, you can praise their mantards. It's the only term that attempts to achieve universatility.
"Dude, don't touch the mantards!"
"I think that girl pulled one of her mantards just now."
"See you later guys, gotta go work the mantards at the gym."
"My mantards are raging! I need a glass of milk!"
by hoserfacedude October 01, 2009
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