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Similar to the popular "tramp stamp" the man stamp is a tattoo on a man's lower back. Usually it is a tribal tattoo but it can consist of anything.
Guy 1: "did you see when that dude bent over? gross!"
Guy 2: "wow what a disgusting man stamp"
by Gorr August 28, 2009
The patch of hair on a man's lower back in the same area that a woman would get a "tramp stamp" tattoo. This patch of hair is typically the only hair they have on their back, and is often similar in size and shape to a tramp stamp.
When John took his shirt off, the man stamp peaking out above his shorts put Mary's tramp stamp to shame.
by Fuzzy back December 25, 2010
A small cut, scraped, red, or scarred patch of skin on a mans lower back as the result of falling onto the region. Usually caused in an accident from riding a skateboard, BMX, or lesser "action sport" item such as inline skating or longboarding.
1. I fell on my back trying to ollie up a curb and got a wicked man stamp.

2. Keep on doing that rail with your shirt off and you're going to end up with a man stamp.
by GNARnett August 07, 2011
To slap one in the face with ones member with such force it leaves a mark, or Man stamp.
That hoe was talking shit so I man Stamped her.
by Lunarburn February 27, 2013
The act similar to teabagging an opponent only instead of using your nutsack, you stamp your unsuspecting foe on the forehead with your anus (aka wagonwheel). Preferably after a wet or "juicy" fart although this is not a requirement as the act is often punishment enough.
Take this Man stamp you camping noob!

Awww did the little noob get man stamped? Too bad soap doesn't wash off shame.
by PantyBacon February 24, 2011
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