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4 definitions by Lunarburn

To slap one in the face with ones member with such force it leaves a mark, or Man stamp.
That hoe was talking shit so I man Stamped her.
by Lunarburn February 27, 2013
5 2
The polish act of sticking a camera phone in a girl to take a picture with your member AKA the polish kodak or pawlak.
I had to find out so i took a pawlak
by Lunarburn March 01, 2013
2 0
Opposite of a sunburn, a moon burn. The lack of sunlight showing on one’s completion. Like a vampire.
That guy is so pale he has got a lunarburn.
by lunarburn March 05, 2013
1 0
Poop plain in simple. Or tacking a crap. The act of scooching.
Hey man your dog scooched all over my yard!
by Lunarburn February 28, 2013
6 17