A word used to reference the penis by young women too immature to use proper words.
"This weird man, he ran in front of me in a trench coat," quavered the young women, "And he... he showed me his Man Parts!"
'Wow,' thought the Cop writing up the incident, 'This chick is really immature.'
by Pi-ratical March 08, 2009
Top Definition
The male reproductive organs.
Matt Lee likes to put his man parts in oscars anal.
by Jason February 10, 2003
is when a girl admits that she is a shemale and has a vagina flap with something sticking out of it.
Jessica was walking around during work, and her man parts where open to the public. Rosa smacked her in the face and called her a vagina flap, and Mike tried to touch her man parts.
by Jessicashabilla March 21, 2008
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