The male version of a dime. The perfect display of an attractive male. Typically includes veneer teeth, spray-on tans, and long, flowing hair. Made famous by the legendary word creator, Rob Dyrdek.
Guy 1: Who is that douche over there?

Guy 2: You mean the one that looks like a cross between Fabio and Steven Tyler? Dude, that's a mandime.

Guy 1: Fag.
by riteon April 23, 2011
When a guy is a perfect ten.
Whoa did you see that guy who just walked by? He was such a man dime! So hot...
by laterhaterskaterz April 18, 2011
A person of the Male gender, who is a 10 out of 10 on the attractiveness scale, or Better known as a Dime.
Yea he's a total Mandime!
by Jimmyhasjimmy April 13, 2011
A male version of a "Dime Piece"
Rob - "Drama, Your a man dime!"
Drama - "Man Dime?"
Rob - "Like a Dime Piece, But a man!"
by The-Reed April 12, 2011
When a man gets veneer teeth, hair extensions, tans, waxing, and gear all in an effort to look like a model. In the end he looks like an inbred queer, who no one likes because he sold himself out to fashion.
Rob Dyrdek's cousin Chris "Drama" Pfaff is a Man Dime.
by valleymd April 12, 2011
The male equivalent of a dime piece. It is a male who is exceptionally attractive.
Chris Brown is a man dime.
by Cappy1088 April 11, 2011
a dime peice referring to a man. a dime is a girl who is a perfect ten. A man dime is a guy who is a perfect ten
Kayle: "Oh wow he is such a man dime!"
by elbocko April 19, 2011
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