The day that replaced monday because the manly man took it over. It is the most manly day of the week. The day is full of testosterone. It is not the day for the wimpy man.
Jimmy: What is today

Bob: Today is manday

Jimmy:I thought it was monday

Bob: No bitch today is manday the most manly day of the funkin year pussy.

Jimmy: You scare me
by publo lopez Aka midget dick August 25, 2008
Top Definition
Noun; refers to the day when a group of guys get together and forget about their problems and girls. Men only, no women. You are not allowed to text or interact with women during the time you are with your friends on man day. Rock band is a common game played on man day.
Shakur: Man day tommarrow at mikes house.

Mike: no julia!

Kevin: ok
by tama15 January 26, 2009
A day held on the Saturday of the NFL draft. The day typically consists of drinking a large amount, eating greasy food and placing illegal bets. Competitions, such as horseshoes, video games and beer pong are held on the day. Participants then watch the NFL draft at a local watering hole. Participants are obligated to leave wives and girlfriends at home. It's basically a bachelor party except there's no real reason for holding it. On a typical Man-day 30% of the men puke and .005% die from drinking too much.
Dude, you hear Josh Douche died last Man-Day?
by Man-Day Inc. April 09, 2008
The day after Valentine's Day, To complete the day the man must drink an entire case of beer to himself, get into a fight, watch nothing but Rambo, Kung Fu, Rocky etc. Eat nothing but steak (unless it is an animal you hunted yourself)
I got so fucked up on Man Day but it was so worth it because I kicked that dudes ass.
by C Smitty February 15, 2008
Any day of the week when men get together and do manly things. This can include any or all of the following; making beef jerkey, shitting with the door open, talking about pussy, golfing, drinking, smoking, visiting strip clubs, watching sporting events, etc.
Broham, let's have a Manday next Friday. I smuggled in some Cubans from my trip to Cabo and am dying to play that sick course down south.
by MussManTooth April 14, 2011
Another word for Super Bowl Sunday. The only Sunday of the year when all men must eat a variety of animals (as close to living as possible), be waited on hand and foot by their women, get to watch TV all day, drink beer until they fart, AND call into work the next day. Blowjobs are optional but expected if your man is rooting for the winning team. The only downside: 8 woman in a room cooing over commercials.
"Dude Man Day is coming!"

"You're right! Let's get sh*tfaced!"
by Batman Bin Superman February 19, 2010
A day (typically Monday) that manly men do manly things.
Sarah asks "Jereme would you like to stay at home and snuggle"? Jereme replies "Sorry, its manday. Jeff and I plan on splitting a keg of beer and lighting the neighbor’s wood pile on fire."
by Jereme April 16, 2007
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