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(n): A questionably sexy hairstyle in which a man with hair of the medium to long (and usually greasy) variety secures said hair into a firmly rounded bun; also used to describe one half of the male buttock region.
Girl, check out that guy's sweaty man bun.
by Ron_diggity February 20, 2014
1. A terrible try of a haircut used by hipsters, male gay pornstars and wannabes.
2. A modern representation of a man's struggle with its own homosexuality.
Girl 1: Look at that guy with its manbun, it's so hot!
Girl 2: Don't even try, I heard he's gay.
by Pulits December 12, 2015
a abomination to all that is right
tim: hey like my new man bun

jim: oh gwad, just stop, oh no, no no no no no no
by d3rp December 03, 2015
When a man has a bun. Usually it is slightly greasy but it is sooo hot. Hippie usually have man buns, or just general hotties.
Man buns are going to be so hot in the future
Ellen wishes her extremely sexy, handsome boyfriend would grow a Man Bun, he'd get every sexier!
by MelonTeets October 13, 2010

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