Urethral sex between two men.
"Lets do the man bridge."
"What's that?"
"Let me shove my cock in your dick hole."
by Dick Fuck, Piss Pounder October 26, 2008
2 guys stand with erections end to end. One pulls his foreskin over the other's penis and jacks him off.

- Two hotdogs sharing one bun
"Dude, we don't have any Chinese finger traps, lets make a man bridge using our foreskin and penises!"
by The_Man_Bridge_Builder December 15, 2008
The skin on the male that connects his giggleberries to his cinnamon ring. Often gets sweaty during anaerobic excercise and can smell pretty foul. Always use a good quality deoderant/anti-perspirant.
After that bitch was finished giving me some great Georgia Dome, she took the manbridge and and gave my poop-shoot a nice spitshine
by D-Rock Dan June 10, 2004

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