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When a woman thinks and acts like a man but is very feminine.
"Damn Dude, She has a Man Brain, She's perfect."
She drinks beers, does shots of whiskey, shoots guns, plays video games.
She's the type of woman that every guy wants and dreams about.
by Quertie February 07, 2015
Refers to the way men think in regards to their lack of finesse and attention to detail in general; particularly, though, in socially sensitive ones. Much like using an ax instead of a scalpel to dissect, or a shotgun instead of a sniper riffle to shoot a target.
Anyone exemplifying the man-brain lacks the etiquette to handle delicate or intricate social situations as wells as critical thinking that requires consideration for all the problem's aspects.
When a son tells his mother to move her feet so his girlfriend can sit in an effort to "act more like a gentleman" as the mother has been advising him to do. The son is showing a clear case of man-brain.
by borabora October 21, 2008
unlike women, when man was created there was only ONE brain for all men, it was equally seperated into many, many small pieces and then divided between all men to share, which is what allows each man to think alike and agree at all times.
All Men share pieces of the MAN BRAIN.
by angejim0531 July 24, 2005
The most supperior of all brains. Compared to a "woman brain", the man brain has the ability to find directions, solve math problems, use common sense and logic as well as not being affected by drama/bitchery/feminism. Those with a man brain find life much easier and more complete than those with other forms of brains.
"Damn, his man brain is so big."
by Ishboo June 28, 2006

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