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A term that is often used to describe a male who has sexual relations with many women (in most cases, there is no commitment involved).

Someone has stated that he believes this term was invented by females out of jealousy. He is mistaken. Many women DO NOT find it attractive to learn that a male chooses to sleep with lots of women. Some women find it important to know that a guy has some standards and self-control. Please take this into consideration. If you go around sleeping with with women like it's a game, a lot of females will not take you seriously. That is why terms like "male slut" or "manwhore" exist. A lot of women truly dislike and distrust men that treat sex as some kind of sport or competition.
Peter: I don't understand the terms "man slut" or "man whore". I think it's harder for guys to get sex, so shouldn't they get some credit?

Amy: That's not really the point, though. I like guys who actually think before jumping into sex with someone. I'm not into guys who think it's all just a game. Maybe some other guys give them credit, but I've never viewed those guys as cool. I don't respect what they do.
by trustmeonthisonealright April 21, 2011
26 36
1.A man who has low self esteem needs love and more people to be with to make him satisfied with his sexuality.

2.A man who will sleep around with the girls to keep him happy to feel wanted.

3.A sleezy guy that will cheat on you. But you probally knew he was a player.

4.A guy who you might hang to dry.

5.A hater. who calls girls sluts but doesnt realize what he is himself.

6. the guy next door.
Boy 1.: You slut!
Girl2.: You Manslut!
(bad example)
by isimplyfold November 04, 2010
36 50
A adult man who will fornicate with any female between the ages of 18 - 38.
My friend is such a manslut.
by fusspot702 November 21, 2010
12 36
A man slut is a female that in her stubberness, insists that a male sleeps around too much
Ashley- OMG Ben, youre a man slut

Ben- well, urbandictionary.com says otherwise
by KissTheFloor March 29, 2005
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A man slut is a guy who goes to nightclubs almost everyday of the week wheather that be gay or straight clubs for ONE thing only. SEX

He will feel up almost any person that passes him by because he is in so desperate need for sex.

Worse than a man whore. Doesnt get paid for having sex

A man who will have sex with another man or woman just for fun. But doesnt care abut that persons feelings.

Usually a player and a cheater.

Will chat up almost anyone from young teens to old people

They usually like ANY kind of girl or guy

A man slut can be straight, bi, or gay

Put it this way a man slut can be almost any guy out there!
omg i had sex with craig last night and it was the best sex i ever had! omg LIKE i dont even know the guy ha! we both agreed it was only for one thing though which is soooo KOOL!.

Damien is such a man slut i walked in on him fucking this randum girl at my houseparty in my mothers bedroom last night. Doesnt he already have a girlfriend?
by bob4711 November 03, 2009
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a fuckin guy that cheats on women has different women all the time babay
that guy is such a man slut he has women every nite.
u man slut who do u think u are! back off Ken!
by mars October 15, 2003
39 76
A man who acts like he is in a relationship with a woman by doing things for her, buying her gifts and spending time with her even though there is no sexual activity and the woman has no interest in taking the relationship any further. Typically, he puts in more time and effort than he really can afford.

This is like the opposite to a traditonal slut who is a woman that will give away sex without any type of a relationship.
What's the go with Gerry and Sarah? Are they together?

No. He just hangs off her and does whatever she wants. He is basically her manslut. I've seen him do the same thing with other women. He just doesn't realise that some women will be a bitch, and use him.

Poor guy, someone needs to help him out. He needs to be a bit more of a stud.
by CJSt January 02, 2011
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