a man who only wants a girl for her sex and he switches to different girls frequently.
those men at that strip club where such man-sluts.
by menaresluts February 26, 2011
Man who talks to or has intimacy with every girl.
Jacob is such a manslut that he talks to Joelle, Skyler, and every other girl instead of his guy friends.
by goodvsevil1275 March 30, 2014
A male who woman are attracted to, who then takes full advantage and sleeps with a suprisingly large segment of the attractive female population.

Manslut streaks are typically a mixed bag, a combination of impressive conquers and embaressing failure will ensue. Woman often explicit disgust at manslut activity, and soon after fall prey to it.
I slept with every girl in that picture, Manslut, yea.
by brosifana November 13, 2011
Gregory "Buddy" Howell, he's the perfect example of a Man Slut. He's basically the creator of the word, every time you see him BOOM new hoe! LMAO
Girl 2: THE Man slut?
by NAtaliii November 04, 2011
A man who is constantly flirting with the girls and doing provocative things like showing flesh. A man who rarely has one girlfriend at a time and instead goes from one woman to the next, buying drinks, kissing and most likely more. If you approach a man slut you have to be careful because you will most likely have drunk goggles on and will regret it deeply the next morning. Man sluts are the male equivalents of sluts. They are commonly known as the village bicycle.
Georgie: when was the last time Joe had a proper girlfriend?

Dave: i don't know, probably when he was in year 6.

Georgie: yet he still gets off with lots of girls...

Dave: he's such a man slut!
by ginandtoniccigarette July 02, 2011
A man with the morals of a man - see slut
Person A: "Joe is such a man slut."
Person B: "He sounds like a completely typical guy."
Person A: "He is. I bet the person who made the entry for slut didn't think of that."
Person B: "I guess not. That is pretty fucking clever though."
by stankin' charlie September 26, 2011
A male who, for a living, makes women happier in anyway he can. Man-Sluts have a tendency to wear tight shirts, be ridiculously good-looking, be only barely straight, and randomly strip, especially in the presence of many girls. Although many seem to be innocent, they are far from it. If you're not careful with a Man-Slut, you might find yourself the next morning with a blurry memory of last night and condoms on your nightstand.
"Out of nowhere, this random guy randomly threw off his clothes and started freaking with me... and I kinda liked it."

"Oh... must've been a Man-Slut."
by That_One_BV_Guy May 30, 2009

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