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A term that is often used to describe a male who has sexual relations with many women (in most cases, there is no commitment involved).

Someone has stated that he believes this term was invented by females out of jealousy. He is mistaken. Many women DO NOT find it attractive to learn that a male chooses to sleep with lots of women. Some women find it important to know that a guy has some standards and self-control. Please take this into consideration. If you go around sleeping with with women like it's a game, a lot of females will not take you seriously. That is why terms like "male slut" or "manwhore" exist. A lot of women truly dislike and distrust men that treat sex as some kind of sport or competition.
Peter: I don't understand the terms "man slut" or "man whore". I think it's harder for guys to get sex, so shouldn't they get some credit?

Amy: That's not really the point, though. I like guys who actually think before jumping into sex with someone. I'm not into guys who think it's all just a game. Maybe some other guys give them credit, but I've never viewed those guys as cool. I don't respect what they do.
by trustmeonthisonealright April 21, 2011

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