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A deep, most often glass, plate used exclusively by theman of the house.

A symbol of his station.

Incorrectly referred to by woman as a "pie plate"
Here is your dinner hun.

Woman, this isnt my Man Plate!

It's dirty.

Then wash it before my steak gets cold!
by FakeScreen2000 July 23, 2010
The floor in front of his favorite place to sit.
As in, "No honey, don't use the man-plate, here's a saucer, hold it under your mouth while you eat that doughnut."
by Frances Goodman September 26, 2009
A Napkin or paper towel that men eat off of when they don't want to dirty a dish.
Wife- What are you doing?

Husband- I didn't want to dirty a plate so I grabbed a man plate for my pizza.
by SamSquanch21 November 26, 2009

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