The part of an uncircumcised penis that is located just on the underside of the head.
She sucked at giving head, she didn't even mind my man clit.
by Nick Ozlo December 12, 2007
Top Definition
A hemorrhoid that hangs out of a man's anus which has the appearance of a woman's clitoris. Note: rubbing may cause irritation, not orgasm.
Girlfriend: Let's try some anal play tonight.
Boyfriend: Ok I'll get you lubed up.
Girlfriend: No, I meant let's play with your butt.
Boyfriend: Well, I suppose (turns and bends over)
Girlfriend: What the hell is that?!
Boyfriend: That's my Man Clit, bitch!
by Red Steel October 09, 2010
A tiny penis that looks like a women's clitoris.
When Egon dropped his pants, his girlfriend laughed at the size of his man clit.
by Mirkin Donor2 February 22, 2008
A male reproductive disorder caused by morbid obesity causing the pubic area to expand outwards with fat thus hiding the shaft of the penis and barely showing the glans (head). This results in the appearance of a clitoris.
Maurice is so fat that his penis is hiding and all you can see is his head, can you say manclit?
by RufioEIU86 April 14, 2005
An insult aimed at a guy, telling him that he's both effeminate and has a small penis. Basically comparing his penis to a clitoris.
Dude you're so gay.
Yeah, well at least I don't have a man-clit. Oh snap!
by Mudbone January 20, 2009
A overgrown clit that looks like a giant furry cock.
I sucked that manclit until she came all over my chin.
by clitburger February 16, 2004
A male with a penis so small it could be mistaken for a clitoris
That dude's dick is so small it must be a man clit.
by paulvincent September 15, 2010
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