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An insult aimed at a guy, telling him that he's both effeminate and has a small penis. Basically comparing his penis to a clitoris.
Dude you're so gay.
Yeah, well at least I don't have a man-clit. Oh snap!
by Mudbone January 20, 2009
When you're walking along and unable to pass the people in front of you who are walking slowly, occupying the entire width of the walking space, and oblivious to the fact that you want to pass, usually because they are inconsiderate morons engaged in mindless discussion.
Coming back from lunch today I was walk blocked by these two fagtards talking about football.
by Mudbone August 12, 2008
verb. upon breaking up with a partner, the partner steals all the friends that you've had during the relationship, leaving you friendless.
Bitch friendjacked me!
She friendjacked the shit out of him when they broke up.
He was the victim of a serious friendjacking.
by Mudbone February 01, 2008
The female version of the rattlesnake wiggle: when a topless woman swings her chest back and forth in your face, causing both her breasticles to make smacking noises as they slap against your cheeks.
His girlfriend gave him a coconut jiggle this morning after she got out of the shower.
by Mudbone January 31, 2008

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