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A unique and somewhat rare type of bird that lives mainly in New York City and New Jersey. The man Birds are typically 5 to 6 feet tall, and look like human bodies with heads that resemble the Bald Eagle and wings. The first Man Bird was born in New Jersey. Raised by a typical New Jersey family, the Man Bird speaks using one english phrase: Suck My Balls! The Man Bird language has over 50 sentences using the one phrase, and it is the most complicated language on Earth. The Man Bird lives off a steady diet of pennies, nickels and dimes (not quarters though.) The Man Bird has an aphasic shaped flap covering its gentles. Man Birds are usually very angry, and usually will attack humans with their flap if they feel threatened.
"Holy Shit look out! there's a flock of pissed off Man Birds headed right near us!"

"Quickly! throw your change and run for your life!"
by The Manbird January 02, 2012
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