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In the Hokkien language , the word $7.80 (pronounced Chi Kor Buek) sounds almost the same as a pervert (Chi Koh Pek).
Can be used in English or Mandarin .
The fucking $7.80 just played with himself on the bus. Siow one ah ( one crazy fellow )!
#pervert #perverted #horny #ball #schlong
by layeredcake June 26, 2007
To have an erection.
Wah lau eh , just now see that girl so revealing , I mari kita already !
#erection #hard on #steam #stand up #woody
by layeredcake June 26, 2007
A person who is unpleasant .
Fuck ! The bird man asked us to finish this pile of work BY TODAY , how can ?

How can = How is it possible ?
#fucker #asshole #chee bye #larn jiao #ass
by layeredcake June 26, 2007
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