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Country or other term of slang. used commonly for positive uses. as "Mother Fucker".. Or also meaning "Badass"
1.Did you see that big Mamba Jamba right there!

2.We went down that hill like a Mamba Jamba!

3.That guy just kicked that dudes ass like a Mamba Jamba

by mouthofwords March 16, 2009
A fill word to replace a noun. Also this word is commonly used in a sentence with the adjective "big" in front of it.
Guy 1: Do you see that snake over there?

Guy 2: Yeah, its a big mambajamba.

Guy 1: You got that right!
by Steet August 21, 2009
Rituals or Shamanistic ways as described by the ignorant.
Young Guns:
Dirty Steve: "Red ass Navajo mamba jamba... We're Runnin out of time, Chavez!"
by Bolt Vanderhuge February 19, 2011
This is when your friend cant sing the right words to Carl Carlton's number 1 hit single, She's a Bad Mama Jama.
Hootie- Mamba Jamba
The Blowfish- WHAT THE FUCK DARIUS?!!!!!!?!?!?!?
by Rucker Park December 21, 2010
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