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code word for sex or having sex for a long period of time with the opposite sex
here do you want a mamba?
Do you want to do the horizontal mamba?
by Danielle loves mamba September 23, 2007
13 44
plural of mamba (candy). Dependent on context pertains to girls vaginas. Recently, girls have been referring to their juice with this term.
1. Dude did you get some mambas?
2. Nah, got skittles

1. How were your mambas last night?
2. Juicy and Tight. You?
1. Floppy
by mambanic October 14, 2009
5 3
an disproportionately large cock
Hot Girl: Oh Mike, what is that you've got there?

BrettMiesterGeneral: That my dear is a mamba - it may poke your eye out..
by Mambam March 08, 2008
36 34
mamba is crocodile in swahili
In Swahili:kuna mamba ndani ya maji

In English:there is a croc in the water
by mfalme May 21, 2009
20 26