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An individual who has gained many unattractive attributes because of working in the mall.

i.e. Walking at an inhuman pace, while destroying everything in your path, including: children fellow employees, the elderly, mall rats, and those who think that walking slower than a herd of stampeding turtles is a good pace, on Black Friday.

-Giving people who aren't your customers the finger, because you can't do it at work.

-Violently yelling at random people while finding a parking space and stalking anyone walking toward a car with your hazards on because your shift starts at 5 and it is now 4:57.

-Finding yourself in fights in the food court because someone took the last soy sauce packet at Panda Express.

-Tapping your foot and sighing entirely too much while you're in line at Starbucks, while simultaneously comparing your work ethic to theirs, out loud.
Liz: Holy shit did you see that?
Mark: What?
Liz: That girl just ran through here and didn't injure anyone.
Mark: She must be a malloyee.

Ali: Uhm, excuse me???
random pedestrian: Yea?
Ali: Yea, i was wondering if I could take your parking space.
random pedestrian: Well I got a long way to go, all the way across the lot.
random pedestrian: holy shit. must be a malloyee

by sulliwully86 January 27, 2009

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