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Beautiful small confused girl. Bright eyed and loud. She is stunning!! Any boy would be lucky to be with her. She's a girl you'd only find in your dreams.
Boy1: I really need a girlfriend.

Boy 2: Yeah me too, one like Mallie.

Boy1: Agreed.
by Owen777 May 03, 2013
Pronounced as "Molly".An umbrella term encompassing the whole of mall-core cultural inhabitants.Ranging from so-called "Punks" to "Goth's" and "Emo's"often seen hanging around the mall idolizing the newest pair of bondage pants at Hottopic.Known for bearing an "individual"attitude,angsty behaviour and an indeterminate attitude upon the world.Often seen dawning the newest mallternative band t-shirts and bitching at passer-by about how their life sucks.Often associated with the doom cookie/Gloom cookie and scene cultures.often only joining religions or philosophical movements for superficial reasons
mallie"hey you are a poseur,You didn't buy the new HIM cd"

Real Goth"Why would I buy something like that when I can listen to Eva O or Throbbing gristle"

mallie"Aww....You suck you're not an individual!"

real goth"And you are?"
by Bjørn Aasen November 14, 2007
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