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Alcoholic Beverage Consisting of 1 part Malibu Coconut Rum and 2 parts Mountain Dew. This drink is highly popular amongst the underaged drinking crowd. When ordered at a bar or requested at a party or gala event, it is an immediate red flag indicating the need for the bar tender to ask to see an alternative form of ID.
Hopeful Guy: Hey there, I want to buy you a drink, whatcha sippin on?
Trampy Underaged Girl: OMG I'm drinking a Malidew, its like totally my favorite drink ever in the whole world!!
Hopeful Guy: How old did you say you were again??
by crankpotter August 15, 2008
An alcoholic beverage consisting of 1/3 Mountain Dew and 2/3 Malibu Rum. Common among douchebags who love to drink it out of gym shaker cups, blare EDM and bands like 3OH!3 inside of a canary yellow V6 Mustang, with shades on at 7:30 at night, and say they "slay the pussy." Also common among underage women and men who can't drink an alcoholic beverage above a 3.0% ABC.
Douche #1: "Hey Jed what are we drinking tonight?"

Douche #2: "I don't know Travis, all I've got is this mountain dew and Malibu."

Douche #2: "Hell yeah that's perfect to
Be complete douchebags with!"

Douche #1 "Fuck yeah, Malidew Crew 4 Lyfe!"
by Kenny Loggins Jr. February 20, 2015
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