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Alcoholic Beverage Consisting of 1 part Malibu Coconut Rum and 2 parts Mountain Dew. This drink is highly popular amongst the underaged drinking crowd. When ordered at a bar or requested at a party or gala event, it is an immediate red flag indicating the need for the bar tender to ask to see an alternative form of ID.
Hopeful Guy: Hey there, I want to buy you a drink, whatcha sippin on?
Trampy Underaged Girl: OMG I'm drinking a Malidew, its like totally my favorite drink ever in the whole world!!
Hopeful Guy: How old did you say you were again??
by crankpotter August 15, 2008
Adj. Used to describe a person, place, thing or idea that is very chinesey. Often used when describing eye slant or picture taking.
1. I would rather work in the hottest, sweatiest, chinesiest nike factory than visit my mother in law.
2. Dude, did you see Ching Chang solve that physics equation? Thats gotta be the Chinesiest shit ever!
by crankpotter July 10, 2008

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