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a trademark of a gay social networking website and phone service
my new boyfriend is hot, I met him on Maleforce
by Montaro March 24, 2009
A strong team of men fighting against all evil in the world.
the team is made up of :-
Together they fight against crime in the fight for world peace in their Male Mobile.
Jason - "Matt mate, this guy on AB is spamming"
Matt - "I'll deal with him"
All - "Maleforce, Away!"
by PinkPacman June 20, 2008
A gathering of alleged superpowered people, with two fatal flaws:

Dragons and Bumblebears
"We should call maleforce, these bees are getting annoying"
"These bears are getting annoying"
"Shit, bears and bees? out of their jurisdiction"
by MaraKara July 10, 2008
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