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Pronounced "Mal-ah-MO-rey" (with a slight Italian roll of the "r"), the Malamore is a term created in an MDI English class to describe the feeling a person developes toward a person that starts as a physical attraction (or a crush), then grows into what feels like a passion. It is when you seem to not be able to acquire that person, but would do anything for them. Somewhere between love and "like-like."
Person 1: You really like him a lot, don't you?
Person 2: Yeah, but he's going out with Robin. We talk all the time though.
Person 1: Sounds like you're suffering from some serious Malamore.
by Jen Eckert March 30, 2007
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A woman who looks good from a great distance (mile or more). Up close she is ugly.
Man, did you see that malamore that Lance was dating?
by Keith A. May 20, 2004

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