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An event that happens when *only* two people are and must be in love with each other and who give and recieve mutual pleasure via. physical contact.
They must be in the "loving" frame of mind and not in it just for the physical pleasure. Must be intimate.
This excludes quickies.
I love making love. <3
by Leah & Jasmine September 27, 2005
something my girlfriend does while i fuck her
When your not feeling all lovey dovey and your girl asks you... Baby, do you feel like making love tonite?
by sativa lover September 17, 2005
Like sex, except for pansies who pick flowers and enjoy Chris De Burgh.
Dan: "Me and Sandra made love last night, it was so romantic, undoubtedly the most special night of my life."


Friend 1: "Go home man, just go home."

(Dan Leaves)

Friend 2: "Making Love? What a Jesse"
by ChrisUK17 January 06, 2006
What a woman does when a guy fucks her.
She thought we were making love...what a dunce!
by staccato brainstem February 14, 2005