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to make stuff up

An activity of the mind anyone can indulge in.
It is the act of simply constructing an entertaining story or otherwise for the amusement of yourself and/or your peers.
It is essentially an elongated White Lie in story mode.

For increased effectiveness the teller is required to have excessive creativity and/or a good imagination

Making stuff up usually serves to occupy the brain of the subject when he/she has nothing better to do with their time and has grown tired of using their creative side and/or imaginative ability to construct a realm where having everlasting hot sex with Eva Longoria, kinky pornstar sex with Priya Rai or even a mixture of both with some other super gorgeous lady, is a possibility, since those things can only happen outside the realm of reality.
Try it.
A: Hey man, how was your weekend?

B: Me n the boyz went out Saturday night to some party, tits n booze everywhere!
Think I took some Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, next thing I knew I woke up outside next to a naked Lara Croft

A: Man, I know when you make stuff up,
so let me rephrase my question:
How was your weekend, REALLY?

B: Damn, well...
by rzhhhh May 06, 2010