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to make peace - the act of making out (or having kinky tongue wars) with your significant other in front of two friends that you want to hook up to create an awkward situation.
evan and becca sat there making peace on the bed while alex and ashley watched awkwardly.

doo000o0od it's so much fun to make peace.
#make peace #fondle #making out #kinky tongue wars #ashley #alex
by Becca and Ashley! :) November 17, 2007
A failure on call of duty MW2.
You trying to call me a makepeace?
#makpeace #peace #makepeace #meakpeace #porn
by AH_LCFC May 25, 2010
(V)To masturbate in any fashion.
(N)Semen; man juice.
(V)I'm so lonely, I'm going to go Make Peace.
(N)Darn, I just got Peace all over my new shirt.
#penis #masturbate #sperm #semen #wang
by Big Hamp September 20, 2007
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