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The sexiest continent on Earth. The birthplace of everything. Art, music, dance...etc.

Its also a sadly misunderstood place. Any person who thinks Africa is a place where people are killed and raped everyday, are exposed to diseases like AIDS and Cancer as soon they step out of their door, and and live in mud huts, ride lions, and use blood as ink as their pathetic excuse of schools is a fucktard with no life or brain.

Niggas better stop acting like they know.
Africa is a place where usually, in cities, towns and villages, people live in these funny things called "houses". And we move around in these funky contraptions called "cars". And, kids go to places called "schools" where they "learn". And adults usually go to "work" and "earn money".
Get it now?
by thegirlthatkrumps April 23, 2011
When one dances so hard to a jam at a party that their head starts to hurt and they begin to drown in their sweat.
dude 1: Hey brah, why you lookin so sick man?
dude 2: dawg the bass line fucked me hard...my head is spinning and i think im about too....*throws up*
dude 1: das nasty man
by thegirlthatkrumps December 02, 2010
The response when someone calls you fat...
Dude 1: Daym girl...why are you so fat?
Dude 2: I'm not fat, I'm festively plump
by thegirlthatkrumps December 22, 2010
To forgive or to squash a problem
guy 1: Your gay
guy 2: Your mom's gay
guy 1: I dare you to say that again
guy 3: Guys, guys, lets just chill, make peace and have babies :)
by thegirlthatkrumps December 03, 2010
the response to the phrase thank you captain obvious which is made when something stupid and obvious has bees said.
The sky is blue!
Thank you captain obvious
No problem lieutenant sarcasm
by thegirlthatkrumps November 25, 2010
A girl so bitter that she has to boost her own self-esteem by bringing down ALL of her friends. But she still loves them.....in some weird way.....
Thapes: I don't like that incriminating photo of me that you showed my aunt.
Sanyu: Screw you you ugly whore.
Thapes: Your such a deluxe hater you know that
by thegirlthatkrumps May 14, 2011
What you use against those kids that nobody can control. You know, the ones that eat t.v remotes, flush blankets down the toilet, climb you, break things, bite you, scratch you, who dont listen to you or anyone who tries to discipline them.

The man from house #123 eats the faces of undisciplined kids, and if this is used well enough, will keep these tasmanian devils in check.
me: Timmy, if you dont stop hitting Suzy, i will call the man from house number '123' to come and eat your face.
timmy: I will kill the man from house number '123'
me: The man from house number 123 cant be killed. He eats the faces of naughty kids, but if you stop acting like that, I wont call him. ;)
by thegirlthatkrumps April 19, 2011

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