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Majken is a name. It is most likely given to girls...

Majken is the best friend you'll ever have - she will always be there for you and she will not let you down, because she cares for you.

A Majken is very good at listening, when you have got some problems, you need to express - BUT at the same time she is even better at talking! Actually she talks more than a dozen of elderly women at a knitting club on a wednesday afternoon.

A Majken likes the occasional drink... Well, actually she loves to drink! A lot! Beer, vodka etc. and she is almost always drunk, but she is also a lovely, sweet and funny girl.
"She's such a good friend."

"Well, what can you say? She is a Majken."

"Wow, dude! She is sooo drunk!"

"Yeah, that's definately a Majken!"
by kanye-east December 19, 2010
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