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2 definitions by HSUANSTR

Three wise pimps that are grandmaster at the art of stealing, lieing, thieving, and of course pimping. They may look like ordinary people to the naked eye but once put under infrared light you will see that the have a special aura that affects everyone around them. As the old saying goes once you go majic you can't go to a black chick.
Man:"Dude I'll suck you dick if you let me into majic"

Majic Member:"Hmmmmmmmm....."
by HSUANSTR April 21, 2004
Its a bird, its a plane, not its HsuanstR. A daily pimp inside a regular students body to regulate his bitches daily.
"Damnnnnnn homie is that HsuanstR?"
by HSUANSTR April 21, 2004