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A popular polish last name. the last name of a polish talk show host that everyone thinks is hilarious(szymon majewski)everyone with the name majewski usually has their own buisness
The Majewski's are one heck of a family!
by TheCrazzyBlonde July 27, 2010
The most leet, and obviously the coolest member of the Playstation Underground. His leetness can not be measured, and he shames anyone claiming to be leet.

Deltan, PSX_Cheatster, Pegasus, maricam, Grifter, and Apoc are complete noobs compared to majewski.

If given the chance, majewski would tell them all they were fared.
Ascalon: you're so leet
majewski: I know
by not majewski March 24, 2005
where someone is a jew but trys to deny the fact that they are jew. If a girl, normally has features of a man beast.
Kyle tried to play it off that he didnt have to go home for passover, what a majewski.
by Scummy! December 06, 2010

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