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Something that is liked by a majority of people and doesn't pertain to any particular subculture. Mainstream is not a particular style of music, it has nothing to with rap, it has nothing to do with the media forcing various types of music down our throats. It's just stuff that a lot of people like. That's it.
And as for the people saying shit like "Mainstream should die"... What do you think would happen if everyone started listening to the more underground music that you like?

It would be mainstream. Faggot.
by Zer0T September 07, 2011
A bullshit thing that tells you what's in and what's out. I dont see how people actually listen and go along to the mainstream. If they to go along with said mainstream, they're probably brainwashed. Most Mainstreamed stuff is shown on MTV
Mainstream Follower: LEiK OHMiG0D. ShE iS LEiK WeARiNG THaT uGLY SHiRT! &+ iTS LEiK, NoT WHaT MTV SAiD iS CoOL.

Smart Person: -Resisting to kill the mainstream follower-
by IT WASNT ME! July 10, 2008
it's shite, a form of cloaking device to bundle the masses into one wavelength of similar thought...escape this desease of a music, lusten to underground music, music that requirtes thought and talent
anything on kiss100 *cough* piss100 is mainstream
by techno fan July 09, 2004
CRAPPY MUSIC that goes by the standards and implied guidelines set by other songs that are currently popular.

The only inkling of individuality is either a) the lead singer's voice, or b)the fucking tone of the guitar.
Both of those are still a rarity.

Sometimes, you can define a mainsrteam band by the ranking they are at on the top 40 list, or the iTunes most popular. But not always, because sometimes good indie music is mistakenly put there.
jock: "Dude, I just got this new CD. It's 'American Idiot' man!! I feel so bad-ass! Aren't they awesome, singing about America and shit?!"

smart indie kid: "Fuck man, don't spend money on that mainstream garbage.
Go buy some Pinback."
by Tartar Martyr June 23, 2005
The word used to describe a person who only likes things that are cool, and popular.
Mainstream people think Metal is dumb and stupid.
by God Does Not Exsist November 05, 2009
A person (or more commonly persons) which follow the common/accepted/most seemingly popular trend. The trends are normally labeled, causing a divide of those who conform and do not conform (non-conformists) until the non-conformists become the common trend, creating a cycle.
Today's common mainstream trends are labeled as 'emo' (Many of these titles are misused). The older term for the jumping of trends is 'Fashionista or Fashionister'
by The Minorate Majority December 31, 2007
1. Something Popular
2. Something well-known
Russian cartoons aren't as mainstream in America as they should be.
Rock music is very mainstream here.
by SakuraSaku June 02, 2007
culturally conventional, wideley accepted, standard
She is seeking to eventually be a mainstream artist.
by The Return of Light Joker October 04, 2007