another word for girlfriend/boyfriend
I see John over there with Kayla, man, I need a main squeeze!
by Whitney May 11, 2003
1. Your closest friend or friends

2. Boyfriend or girlfriend
Person 1:"These people right here are my main squeeze fo life!"
Person 2:"That's cool,"

Guy: "will you be my main squeeze?"
Girl: "of course!"
by LNBerger August 24, 2010
your best friend or "bro". usually used between guys
person1: who's your best friend?
person2: Jon.... He's my MAIN SQUEEZE.
by February 11, 2011
shwayze-corona and lime
baby, will you be my corona and lime?
and i will be your main squeeze

and if your brother dont like my style, we can take it to the street
we can take it to the street
by KirstieM July 25, 2008
A woman whose tits you sometime squeeze.
Charlene's got some saggy tits, but she'll always been my main squeeze!
by MAIN SQUEEZE TITS! April 08, 2009
For men, their own pebis.
For women, their favorite plastic toy.

Try to keep in mind this phrase means your MAIN squeeze, NOT the boyfriend/girlfriend you squeeze every once in a while!!
by stimpy October 16, 2003

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