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1. A specific kind of metalhead - one who listens to mainly, or only, Iron Maiden.

2. Another type of metalhead who listens to Iron Maiden while his metalhead friends do not. See definition for 'metalhead' for more infromation.

NOTE: Not always a bad thing.
Adam: "Yeah that kid is a metalhead."
Jason: "All he listens to is Iron Maiden, he's a friggin Maidenhead."
Josh: "What you listenin to?"
Alex: "Iron Maiden. You don't listen to them much, huh?"
Josh: "No, I listen to other metal, you're a Maidenhead."
by Lameguitarist November 13, 2005
24 16
hymen, virginal knot
He took her maidenhead long before their wedding night.
by classygal October 09, 2004
145 44
An upper-middle class, Tory town in Berkshire, UK, that is part of the constituency of Maidenhead and Windsor. Maidenhead borders the village of Bray, which is a seriously wealthy village (wealthier than Maidenhead). Maidenhead is also a 10-minute drive to Windsor Castle.

It's all very pretty, very historic, very clean, very rich, and very pleased with itself.
"My parents have been saving up for 10 years to afford a house in Maidenhead!"
by olgatolga October 31, 2012
78 6
Town in the South East of England near Slough, Windsor, Reading & Only 30 miles west of London.

Populated with townies, rudeboys and pompous middle class people driving BMWs, Mercs and SUVs.

Wanna buy a house? Well £150,000 will get you a nice 2 bedroom flat. :P

Not as bad as Slough
Mark: Maidenhead has no soul.
Tom: Yep, its full townies and rudeboys fighting every night.
Mark: Not as bad as Slough though.
Tom: Nowheres as bad as Slough.
Mark: Although someones house did just get petrol bombed.
Tom: Not as bad as Slough though.
Mark: And every night the town centre is like a war zone.
Tom: Not as bad as Slough though.
Mark: Yeah guess you're right :)
by ScoobieDoo October 18, 2003
131 65
A cool town with the secondary schools of

Cox Green
Furze Platt
Megan : i live in maidenhead
lauren: oh cool, i live there
leyan: i want to, its pretty cool :)
by lollypop1997 April 11, 2011
23 16


1.the hymen

the condition or quality of being a maiden;virginity

basically means a womans virginity
mother:my daughter still has her maidenhood
boyfriend:not after last night she doesn't!!

nobody keeps there maidenhead for their
marrage nowdays
by BOB the guy from mot July 31, 2009
19 25
(v) Shakespeare for taking virginity of.
Romeo took Juliet's maiden head.
by ALGEBRABINDER December 06, 2007
16 22