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An upper-middle class, Tory town in Berkshire, UK, that is part of the constituency of Maidenhead and Windsor. Maidenhead borders the village of Bray, which is a seriously wealthy village (wealthier than Maidenhead). Maidenhead is also a 10-minute drive to Windsor Castle.

It's all very pretty, very historic, very clean, very rich, and very pleased with itself.
"My parents have been saving up for 10 years to afford a house in Maidenhead!"
by olgatolga October 31, 2012
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A cool town with the secondary schools of

Cox Green
Furze Platt
Megan : i live in maidenhead
lauren: oh cool, i live there
leyan: i want to, its pretty cool :)
by lollypop1997 April 11, 2011
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1. A specific kind of metalhead - one who listens to mainly, or only, Iron Maiden.

2. Another type of metalhead who listens to Iron Maiden while his metalhead friends do not. See definition for 'metalhead' for more infromation.

NOTE: Not always a bad thing.
Adam: "Yeah that kid is a metalhead."
Jason: "All he listens to is Iron Maiden, he's a friggin Maidenhead."
Josh: "What you listenin to?"
Alex: "Iron Maiden. You don't listen to them much, huh?"
Josh: "No, I listen to other metal, you're a Maidenhead."
by Lameguitarist November 13, 2005
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He took her maidenhead long before their wedding night.
by classygal October 09, 2004
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