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A Maguy is a short, dark brown haired girl, full of intelligence and fun. She has a freckly face, and the most amazing hazel eyes you could ever wish for.

the most lovable girl in the world. She isnt a fighter, shes a lover. But she will fight for love.If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with her, u are the luckiest man alive.
She is sexy, mysterious and amazing in bed. If you meet a Maguy don't let go. You could never wish for a more loyal or trustworthy friend. Tell her your most personal secrets, and she will never tell a soul, not even those that are close to her. She is an amazing agony aunt, and will listen to every last moan, and give you a shoulder to cry on. She is the best friend you could ever wish for! She will help you with so much, if you meet a Maguy, trust her, love her, and she will be forever loyal!
person : Maguy i love you

person 2: Oh, i really don't know what to do :'(

person 3: Why not go and ask Maggie? She'll have an answer!
by megoushka August 04, 2012
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