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When one takes a giant dump upon someones chest whilst they are asleep, then, with a hair dryer, melts the turd untill it's a liquid substance upon the sleeping victim
James: What did you do last night?
Scott: I slept over my friends house. He didn't stop snoring so i gave him a stinking magness
by scottiieee90 June 12, 2011
v. The act of taking a dump on someone's chest, then blowing it with a hairdryer until it reaches liquid consistency.
John: That girl totally took a Magness on my chest when I was sleeping!
Frank: Totally gross bro.
by Not My Pseudonym June 19, 2011
A girl named maggie who is full of fagness. A magness will relentlessly poop mexican out of her bhole and stank up any joint she enters. Never let a Magness into your house because her stench will forever haunt.
This house stinks like Shit, somebody must have let Magness in again.
by Cumstainface February 20, 2009
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