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The female clit in a swollen, engorged condition caused by manual or partner stimulation.
Tanya worked her lover Mary's magic bean until Mary exploded in a massive, screaming, squirting orgasm.
by Buster Wider July 02, 2009
Ecstasy, pills. What you take when you go raving. Often cut with stuff you really dont want.
"I love magic beans"
by Ed Barlow October 10, 2006
Male enhancement pills.
I was humiliated by group of females because I had a limp dick. I fixed my little issue by using the magic beans.
by dabmaster101 May 29, 2016
describes little rocks that work better than other little rocks
I want to grow a giant beanstalk, got any magic beans?
Not the kind that bear magical fruit, I toot enough already.
by PseudoHigh February 10, 2012
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