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A nickname for Orlando, FL.
"Magic City let me hear ya i yi yi..."
-Ying Yang Twins
by jeFFro April 08, 2004
19 120
Magic City is a Strip Club in Atlanta. The Ying Yang Twins were NOT reffering to Orlando.
"Magic City Let me see you Ai yi yi.."
by Man FuhQ November 06, 2005
281 46
A strip Club in Atlanta, Georgia. The Ying Yang twins give them shout outs in the Songs "Whistle while you twurk", "Say i yi yi" and more. DJ Unk also made a song about this strip club. It's a hot spot in Atlanta and known for having black women with assessts.
Magic city is a strip club, google it if you don't believe me.
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007
96 24
Another word to describe Getting in bed with somebody.
The word comes from the song Magic city - DJ unk
Magic city is the same meaning as CANDYSHOP.

Julie: Ill take you to the candyshop
Tyler: Alright ill take you to magic city
by THEnotoriousCYN May 24, 2007
41 107
Birmingham, Alabama in the dirrty south
birmingham alabama- the backdoor to atlanta!
by jamie October 24, 2004
67 158
Magic City is for Orlando? No way! THe Magic City is the nickname for Miami FL! Oh yea. Orlandos Nickname is " The city Buetiful Ha.
Miami is now the 6th largest city in the US. 50th in the world yet it only started with a population of 300 in 1896 thats one young city. Magic!
by HA MIami August 08, 2005
45 138
Birmingham, Alabama. A City in the Deep South that sucks ass. Nothing magical about it.
Carl: You shouudn't uh dun that; he's just uh boy! UMMMM-HUMMM!
by Damyankee October 26, 2004
40 138
Orlando, Florida. Dubbed "Magic City" because it's home to the Orlando Magic, Walt Disney World, and many other tourist attractions. Orlando is also known as O-Town. Magic City isn't Birmingham, Alabama- there's NOTHING magical about that place.
MAGIC CITY let me hear ya I YI YI YI...
by orlando jones July 08, 2005
21 122